Fondugues Pradugues

Fondugues Pradugues is a family-owned, organically farmed estate located in the heart of the Peninsula of Saint-Tropez. They produce uniquely crafted rosé and red wines from Provence, exploring varieties and creative new blends in limited and numbered editions.


Art Direction
Brand Awareness
Press Release
Event Concept
Event Planning and Execution
Social Media Management
Content Creation

We went about building Fondugues Pradugues’ brand awareness and engagement with a storytelling strategy that unfolded in beautiful touchpoints and an all new vineyard experience that translated into a 150% increase in Instagram followers that engaged with the enhanced aesthetic and activities we conceptualised and delivered.

With an entirely integrated approach we were able to gauge the brand’s intrinsic persona on-site, online and in print with a readership of over 2 million utilizing new product shots and Pink Apéro concept that better reflected their business strategy and desirable product repertoire.

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“Heptā Communications helped us to fine tune our social media presence and provided precious art direction and guidance from start to finish. Thanks to their expertise we were able to unify our disparate online platforms into a powerful communication tool.”

Stephen Roberts
Owner, Fondugues Pradugues

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